Hello! And welcome to my journal. I am grateful for the opportunity to share myself in every way. This is my writing space, my sanctuary, where I share my innermost thoughts and workshop my writing. Head over to patreon.com/sophieward to connect directly with my creative process and be part of the journey. My patrons receive early access to blog posts, music, maps for creating rituals of self-care, and more. I am committed to authenticity, raw humanity, listening, spirit, and love. Grateful for you.


  • Heart of Bold (my second self-published novel) will be available for PRE-ORDER May 25. Very exciting! Watch this space for the link to pre-order.
  • For those who wonder where my old blog Paper Castle Press dissolved to, it lives no longer in the digital space, but its boldest writings will be carved forever in the pages of Heart of Bold. I am so happy for this!
  • My first novel is available here

Sophie Ward is an Australian author and practicing poet whose work has been likened to Anais Nin and T.S. Eliot. She began writing a blog in 2008 on her website Paper Castle Press, which went on to house the equivalent of six novels in the course of three years. The best of this writing has become her forthcoming novel Heart of Bold. She is the also the self-published author of The Beginning of an Inexplicable Journey (2011), which found a home on the shelves of BookMarc in Greenwich Village during 2011.

Sophie is also a full mesa carrier actively practicing the sacred mystic traditions of the Q’eros nation. Her passions lie in the exploration of environmentalism, sensuality, ultimate well being, and the intersection of self and soul.  Since meeting her soul mate in a book store on Crosby St in New York City, the author has embarked upon a healing journey fusing motherhood, earth stewardship and shamanism. She lives in Ojai, California with her beloveds, husband Isaac and son Julius.

Collaborations :: sophiewardkoren (at) gmail (dot) com